katersgonnak8 asked:

Neni, you just gotta realise that haters are gonna hate - that's just what they do! At this stage most people are aware that ATLUS really should be milking its most popular games to build up funds, so the hatedom just an emotive response like "but I don't like it!" And no one can *make* them like P4 - it's objectively a very good game, but it (like everything) is not to everyone's tastes. That's just how it goes. :) People also seem to simply get tired of popular things - look at FFVII!

nenilein answered:

It’s not that I am not aware that “Haters Gonna Hate”. And they are entitled to dislike the game, no question. The problem is that they are invading the tags with negativity to the point that everyone checking the tags is infused with a deeply negative image of the entire franchise, which has already hurt the fandom immensely. And what’s worse, the haters being so vocal and the actual fans being so quiet leads into an image of the franchise being painted in the tags that lets sheep mentality kick in, people begin to think they are wrong about looking forward to the games or liking P4 or even P3 and eventually lose their passion for it for no other reason than hate floods. You may think I am being paranoid about this, but I have seen this happening in other fandoms. What you see in the tags changes a LOT about how people perceive the actual franchises, because people tend to absorb things they read uncritically. So I feel it is necessary to periodically present a counter-perspective to remember fans that, no, they are not wrong about liking these things, what is happening is not a purely negative development and Atlus has not “objectively” *betrayed* us. Writing counter posts like these and putting these or other positivity towards the franchise in the tags is the only way to keep the fandom health, which has already deteriorated immensely, high. 

In fact, I encourage all other fans to do the same. Keep *hate* OUT of the tags and put love *IN*. Only like that we can start enjoying our fandom tumblring again. 

Exactly how I feel.



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My little bug meeting the voice behind her cosplay ~